Sunday, 19 October 2014

I Think It's Safe To Say...

...my 'one post per month' resolution has clearly failed.

2015 is almost upon us. And though you've not heard too much from me here, I can assure you, this has been one of THE craziest years of my life so far (and I've had some crazies...)

With some seismic personal and professional shifts, I have learned to make no promises. But would like to say the HUGEST


to each and every one of the beautiful spirits have seem me through to here. Some friends, some strangers. But each my lilly pads in the swamp. 
We're by the springs.

Over all, I equally thank everybody who showed me who you truly are. 

It has helped me move closer to who I am, with which I'm truly happy.

As proud as I am of 2014, the year's not over yet!

Thankful so far to have met some great friends and musicians and become re-aqainted with others as I've had less time on the road and more time for other projects. That includes my solo residency performing at The Arts Club Mayfair London, and am very excited to be working with some amazing producers and songwriters and other creative collaborators.

With new leaves, I'll be sure to keep you more closely updated.

In the meanwhile, find me on instagram - sewuesemuse